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to Hope Family Medicine!

We are a Direct Primary Care Family Practice located in El Dorado, KS. Our mission is to improve the health of our patients through affordable access to high-quality and personal primary health care. Our vision is to inspire and facilitate health and wellness in our fellow Kansans through excellent health care. Combining up-to-date medical practices, new technology, and good old fashion family care, we take the time we need to develop a plan together with our patients.

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Whole                health care that puts the doctor-patient


relationship  first



The idea for Hope Family Medicine actually began in the slums of Ethiopia. Shortly after graduating college, Dr Gonzalez went with a group from her church in Boston, MA to care for impoverished women and families afflicted by HIV/AIDs in the capital city of Ethiopia. At this point, being a doctor was not on her radar— she went to lead small groups, provide counseling, and support the medical staff. Her eyes were opened, though, as here, of all places, she saw health care the way it should be: care that focused on the overall wellness of a person and not just doctors treating diseases. On the plane ride back home across the Atlantic she resolved to become a doctor—one who would treat people, not disease, and who would recognize that health is physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


Fast forward several years and Dr. Gonzalez was now in residency in Wichita and starting to see just how challenging it would be to be the kind of doctor she imagined in the current medical culture in the United States. She first learned of the Direct Primary Care, or DPC, model her final year of training and tucked the idea in the back of her mind as intriguing. Graduating, she went off to her ideal type of practice—one where she could practice “full scope” Family Medicine (meaning taking care of all ages and stages, inpatient care, outpatient care, procedures, and even delivering a bunch of cute babies). In many ways it was wonderful. Over and over again, though, she became frustrated that her hands were frequently tied and her time was often gobbled up by prior authorizations, “meaningful use” requirements, insurance denials, and quite frankly, a whole lot of entities making medical decisions for her patients that are best made between the doctor and the patient.



Why HOPE Family Medicine?


There are a lot of layers to this name. In 2016 Dr Gonzalez and her husband found out that there was a serious complication with her first pregnancy. After a long hard battle, their firstborn was born into heaven. They named her Hope. Her parents knew that great things would come from their time with their first daughter, however brief. Great things have come, not the least of which was giving her parents the courage and strength to do big things, like start a medical practice in the midst of a global pandemic!


Hope is also because Dr Gonzalez has hope that health care can be the way it should— a doctor working with a patient to achieve a healthier life. Hope is also for our patients—that they don’t have to feel trapped by a medical diagnosis. We may not be able to cure every illness, but this does not have to define you. We can have hope that with the right plan and attitude we can reach towards our best state of health.

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