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Small business ownership is both wonderful and challenging. Offering great benefits can help recruit and retain great employees. An employer covered DPC membership is one of the most affordable benefits you can offer your employees! For $60 per employee or dependent per month you can give your employees access to a physician, make the majority of the costs associated with primary care inexpensive, and keep your employees happy, healthy, and working!



Typically, the membership fee is paid by the employer directly to Hope Family Medicine while any ancillary charges, like labs or medications, are billed directly to the patient from Hope Family Medicine. Family members may be included or may be payroll deducted. Each company has different needs, though, and we are glad to chat with you about what will work best for your particular situation.

Invoices for memberships are sent monthly and the employer is automatically billed on a monthly basis through credit card, debit card, or bank draft.



Health insurance is incredibly expensive for employers. You can offer DPC membership on its own or combine membership with other healthcare benefits if you choose. These changes frequently allow businesses to lower insurance costs by altering traditional insurance plans, offering options for cost-sharing plans, or even moving to a partially or fully self-funded insurance model that incorporates Hope Family Medicine’s plan. It saves the employer and employee money, all while providing better care!

Disclaimer: As we are not licensed insurance brokers, accountants, or lawyers we can't give specific advice on the legal or tax matters, but are happy to explain our portion of how things work and can point you towards knowledgeable professionals who can help. 



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