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Medical Grade 

ear piercing

Want a safe and comfortable place to pierce your or your child's ears?

Unlike the mall, our office uses medical-grade sterile earrings to avoid allergic reactions and risk of infection.

The whole process typically takes about 15 minutes to complete, and for most children, we can pierce both ears at the same time.

The cost for both ears is $85 ($75 for members!) and includes the procedure, the earrings, and the after-care cleaning solution so you have everything you need. Ask about price for 1 piercing, including cartilage. At this time we cannot pierce other body areas.

You can learn more about the Blomdahl System we use


There is so much more to wellness than "What's wrong? Here's a pill to fix it." Much of what we do here at Hope Family Medicine focuses on lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, mental and emotional health, and much more. Vitamins and supplements may also be an appropriate part of the overall health plan for you, too!

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Vitamin and Supplement

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