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What is


Direct Primary Care, or DPC, is a new way to get back to all the great aspects of old fashioned family medicine, plus some wonderful new ways to care for you. Instead of contracting with insurance and other middle-men, doctors are paid directly by patients for their care. This simple concept leads to tons of savings and that, in turn, leads to your hard earned money being spent on something better than insurance premiums and deductibles…you! A monthly fee covers visits, in-office procedures, and personal access to your doctor. This allows the doctor to care for you in a variety of ways: you can reach your doctor directly via text, phone, email, and telemed visits in addition to traditional office visits and even home visits. Oh, and those office visits are 30-60 minutes, giving us time to truly listen and work together for your best heath.


While we do not contract with insurance companies, please understand that we are not an insurance company ourselves, and we always recommend everyone have either an insurance plan or a health cost-sharing plan. Seem contradictory? Think of it like car insurance! Everyone needs car insurance in case of a major event, but you wouldn’t use your car insurance for an oil change or new tires. If you did, your car insurance would probably cost as much as “traditional” health insurance! Typically, our patients do well with either a high deductible plan or cost-sharing plan.



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