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In response to the needs in our community, Dr. Gonzalez is offering telemedicine visits to community members. (This service is already included in a Hope Family Medicine membership!) A visit will include BOTH an initial video visit AND a short-term follow-up (call, text, or video).

These visits are great for urgent, non-emergent needs, such as skin concerns, stomach bugs, and minor injuries. If you’re wondering if your concern is appropriate for telemedicine, check out this article.




Visits include TWO telemedicine visits— an initial video visit and a follow up visit by phone or video (your choice). The reason for this is so that we can ensure your needs are properly addressed by the plan created in the first visit.

Example 1: You twisted your ankle, based on the visit we determine you need an X-Ray. An X-Ray is ordered and a follow-up visit is used to review the results of the X-Ray and finalize the plan.

Example 2: You think you have a UTI. We treat with antibiotics and follow up 2 days later to ensure symptoms are resolving.


Price: $100 total (2 visits included)

Payment is accepted via PayPal and Cash App and is due prior to visit.

Once you submit your request we will reach out to you to complete a consent form and schedule your visit!

Thanks for submitting!


If you are simply looking to obtain Covid testing there are several great options in our area! Rapid tests are available through several local pharmacies, and True Care Pharmacy regularly hosts free testing clinics in conjunction with other local/state agencies. We also offer rapid antigen Covid testing at Hope Family Medicine for a small fee. To schedule a test please call our office and leave a message or email us.


This is not a substitute for emergency care, and if at any point Dr. Gonzalez feels emergency care is needed she will direct you to the local emergency department, facilitating this as appropriate

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